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Long Beach’s Brush, Book, Bed campaign aims to promote healthy smiles for kids

Press Telegram 21 Feb 2024
Teeth-brushing woes, be gone. ... 20 ... “As a father of young children, I know how important these habits are for their future success ... Related Articles ... Latest COVID-19 vaccine offers strong protection against XBB.1.5, JN.1 variants, early data shows ... .

HPV vaccines save lives, studies show. So why are so many Iowa children not getting shots?

Des Moines Register 20 Feb 2024
Nearly two decades since the vaccine against HPV first arrived in Iowa, local public health officials in parts of state say they still struggle to persuade residents to vaccinate their children.

Important Quotes from Virology and Vaccinology Experts That Never Are Interviewed on the Mainstream Media

GlobalResearch 20 Feb 2024
The media hacks who push the pro-vaccine propaganda and hide the truth are complicit in crimes against humanityThe entire vaccine machine is built on lies of omission and fraudulent science.

Infants prioritised for RSV vaccine ahead of older adults

The Irish Times 20 Feb 2024
Young children will be vaccinated against RSV before elderly Paul Cullen ... Young children are being prioritised before older adults for access to new vaccines that protect against a common respiratory virus.

The woman behind the next big thing in cancer treatment

CNN 20 Feb 2024
... system against cancer ... Moderna and BioNtech use mRNA, which the companies pioneered in developing vaccines against Covid-19, to deliver a set of instructions to cells to make the relevant proteins.

CDC may recommend a spring Covid booster for some groups

NBC Bay Area 20 Feb 2024
"We have clear evidence that either vaccine or previous infection probably gives four to six months of relative protection against serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths, but wanes substantially after that."

'Canary in the coal mine': Measles reported in Florida school. 11 things you should know

TCPalm 20 Feb 2024
The vaccine protects against three diseases ... The publication also said it had failed to disclose Wakefield had been funded by lawyers who had been engaged by parents in lawsuits against vaccine-producing companies.

'This can be game changing': UC enrolling patients for pancreatic cancer vaccine

WCPO 20 Feb 2024
"They took the COVID virus and sequenced it and then made a vaccine against its RNA sequence and here they do the same thing," said Davendra Sohal, MD and site principal investigator ... That personalized vaccine is then used for six weekly injections.

Repeated annual flu vaccines increase your risk of getting flu

The Exposé 20 Feb 2024
The more a person is vaccinated against a particular strain of the flu virus, the less effective the vaccine becomes.

Largest COVID vaccine study yet finds links to health conditions

Boston Herald 20 Feb 2024
Vaccines that protect against severe illness, death and lingering long COVID symptoms from a coronavirus infection were linked to small increases in neurological, blood, and heart-related conditions in the largest global vaccine safety study to date.

Measles continues spread in Broward County, with sixth case. Here’s how to protect yourself from ...

Sun Sentinel 20 Feb 2024
Licata assured faculty that the school had been deep-cleaned, air filters had been changed over the holiday weekend, and anyone who has been vaccinated has no need for concern ... Two doses of MMR vaccine are 97% effective against measles.

Zimbabwe starts polio vaccination campaign, targeting 4 mln children

Xinhua 20 Feb 2024
According to the ministry, this is the first time Zimbabwe is using the novel OPV type 2 (nOPV2) vaccine, a critical new and safe tool in the fight against cVDPV2 launched by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in 2021.

Veterinary epidemiologist works to combat rabies in Uganda

Phys Dot Org 20 Feb 2024
If dogs were vaccinated against rabies and their vaccination status were viewable in a registry, that could spare families and the health care system from having to undergo and administer PEP treatment.

NZ Court of Appeal rules military Defence Force’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate unconstitutional

The Liberty Beacon 20 Feb 2024
The NZDF lost in the Court of Appeal which upheld an earlier case declaring the vaccine mandates for the NZDF were illegal ... The New Zealand Court of Appeal has ruled against the NZDF’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate, citing breaches of rights.

Australia’s formal inquiry into COVID response is our last chance to correct past wrongs

Life Site 20 Feb 2024
Mass vaccinations were forced on the population in 2021, purportedly to protect the population against the virus ... Why did the vaccines not have the effect they were supposed to? ... the mass vaccination.